What in the world ?


Dis in my way!
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Man there were a bunch of new members today, anyone have any ideas as to why? 26 total
I'm a new member (registered 06May) and I can tell you the reason for myself. This is, without a doubt, hands down, the best site I've come across when it's dealing the HAYABUSAS!!! I've gained more knownledge and tips in one day from this site then I have from numbers of sites put together in the past year. My only question is, what took me so long to find yall?
it's a great site captain!! they weather is shaping up and people are excited about their bikes and like to be able to share with others who have the same enthusiasm.

i've gotten alot of tips from different topics posted on the boards. (got great decals for my helmet/bike) and i love talking to folks who are as crazy about the BUSA as me! all i can say is thanks!! (better stop, i think i'm getting emotional)

got them from a website called "tapeworks.com". special ordered to whatever size you want. i have one on my helmet and another on the cowl on my bike. they look great!! i will post pix so you can check em' out.

gixxr1300 also custom makes them in chrome and other colors. look under general postings a few weeks ago and he gave the information on how he makes them......
There are a lot of new members because the Hayabusa is indeed a special bike.
Think about it. When you think of bike related sites for... hmm maybe a Honda 929. How many sites do you think you can go to that offer everything this site does. Maybe 2-4. Most bike sites are just the owners posting pics. Big deal. Now look up Hayabusa related sites. Damn near 30 and growing. My other favorites are.

1). www.suzukihayabusa.org
2). www.labusas.org
3). www.schnitz.com

All Hayabusa related, and full of people/information that is geared for the Hayabusa Enthusiast. You get what you put into life..and its websites. Lets keep this site amoung the best around !

Now lets get to work on a day each year for all of us to meet up.