What i hate about the busa


You know what i hate about the BUSA ........ Its just too SMOOOOOOOOOOOTH --- got my first speeding ticket in 17 years... I could have sworn i was doing the speed limit, just cruising along, even sitting up right (thanks to the helibars), and watching the 2 cops that had pulled vehicles up the road, when all of a sudden I notice this white SUV doing a U-turn and flashing lights pulling up behind me. Of course I pulled over greeted the the officer with a smile, and listened to him tell me I was going 12 mph over.... HECK i could've sworn i was going slower than the speed limit the ride was so smooth. After admiring the bike and giving me the ticket the officer rode off... All said and done I stepped back looked at the bike smiled and said damn she soooooooooooo smooth, through the helmet back on and finish the last half mile to my hotel thinking "dang sooo much power and sooo smooth it probably wont be 17 years before i get another ticket"

12 over? Damn, how lame. Sounds like the first one I got, going through a small, rich yet revenue-greedy town with a speed limit 15 under everywhere else in the city.

After, err, running and getting served with a plethora of medical bills (got really lucky on everything else, though I did 'get away'), I watch my speed very closely now and take it nice and easy.
You know that is one problem with the bus.
I get the little vibration at about 90mph.
other than that it is hard to tell how fast you are going.
the engine is hardley working at 85. the throttle is cracked about 1/16th of an inch and you just sail.
By far the most impressive bike I have ever ridden or owned.
Your exactly right! I have had other bikes and you could feel you speed just a little from the vibe of the bike! The Busa doesn't let on till just below the century mark by then your way into the high dollar ticket. Be safe out there...

hey next time dont pull over .........thats what i do on my way to vegas i just hit it hard the lights disapear.......suvs can onlt do around 120......no sweat...
well the only thing that can out run the Busa is the Police radio... all ya need is some young cop with a set of road spikes to mess up your day.. road spikes would suck on a bike..