What happened ?


Here's 2 videos I saw on Youtube, and on the one, to me it looks like he chopped the throtte, on the painted line ?

Skip to 18:25 for the go down
First Motorcycle Accident unedited RAW footage - YouTube[/url]
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The 2'nd one ? I don't know what happened ?

Mercy for Lane Crossers - Ducati 848 Crash - YouTube[/url]

The reason I posted this is because it's my greatest fear, the front end washing out. Since I had it happen to me almost 2 years ago when I had frost all around the side of my tire from riding through the yard. What are reasons for losing the front end besides dragging hard parts ?
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Again, I'm not trying to start...."what an idiot for crossing the lines" thread (UNLESS that's what cause it ?). We all know how that can end.
lack of traction seems to be the cause...not to say you can't ride over a wet painted line...just be more upright
1st video - In the video poster's own words

6 months ago
yea what happened was since i was going too fast i started braking while in the turn, then tried to go back into my original lane and slipped on the white line

dat1dominicankid16 6 months ago
yea thats exactly where i was, yea i was doing about 35 in a 40mph zone and started braking in the turn.but yea that was my first time going through that part of the bronx river pkwy ever and thanks.

dat1dominicankid16 9 months ago
im not too sure anymore but i think it was that back tire that slid out, and yea im ok my left thumb i think got hyper extended but its feeling a bit better now

2nd video
Noob on a new bike. I say noob because he was all over the road, using both lanes, and poor control of the bike. In the slowmo segment at 1:40 as he dips into the turn, he's on/off/on/off the throttle causing his body and weight to shift and upsetting the bike.
right off the muscle from my experience, the roads look damp and the temps are on the cool side. no leaves on the trees and the blacktop has a slight wet look that gave me that impression. plus, with all of those factors in one and crossing a slick painted surface and down he goes. I'm glad he's alright and didn't get run over.
Looks like the white line slide, not the first person to have gone down on one....
Crappy cold and wet roads. to fast for conditions and those lines will get you, just as fast as tar snakes.