What happened to the Legendary thread?


I am all that is BACON!
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It looked like you beat your head on the keyboard and posted it. It was going to be epic!

Probably random late night testing. That's what my test entries look like after a few hours of trying to get something to work.

At times it involves a monitor flying through the air too.
Yeah he said something to the effect of "test was sucessful" but when I was it i was LMAO.. like hard.. because i got a mental image of him beating his head on the computer.
I now dub this thread...

LEGENDARY. It has been graced by smoothest pair of you know what's to ever saddle a saddle.

Like a baby's bottom. Oh yeah. :whistle::thumbsup:
Nah, this thread isn't legendary, Its more like Tenacious D's song Tribute.
Young padawan...it is not the thread. :D

You do not understand the ways...of the Force. The smooth Force, that is. :thumbsup:
are you telling me that the jewels are shiney and smooth?
Please put the razors away before one of the youngin's hurts himself. :laugh:
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