what happened to all the sport bikes??


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recently i have been thinking a lot about this... it has been few years that when i go for a ride on beautiful days i hardly seen any sport bikes and i see so many cruisers..
just wondering what is going?? it did not use to be like that.. i wonder if it is only in my home town or that happens on your area too..???


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Around here, if your in town, it's about 70-80% Harley, if you get 30 miles away and do a 300-500 mile ride its 95% Harley, and most of the time the other sportbikes, I know who it is, sad really, but I'm kinda close to Harley town USA aka Wisconsin


No its just not you......... Nice sunny day I pass dozens of cruisers mostly HD's. Can count on 1 hand how many sportbikes I see in a day and that's counting passing the same 1 once or twice:laugh: even when you go to a dealership they still got leftover 2011's that they haven't been able to move yet. The HD can't keep a bike in the showroom 4 more than a couple months. Idk? I'm even seeing a rise in dual sport/supermotos on the road now. We might be heading towards the endangered species list :rofl:


There is a way bigger universe of cruisers to start with. So correcting for the vast difference in total bikes may help ya feel better about it ???
Yea it is kind of sad, I go out to some local bike nights or even a biker bar that was at the end of a nice long curvey mountain road and it was like 90% cruisers and 10% street bikes. I will say this though in street bike defence. Only place I can always count on to be around my fellow brothers is about 10 min down the road at Barbers. So atleast I have that

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90% cruisers around me but I don't care. I went riding with my buddy a couple times last summer to a few bars around us. Every time he would have a group around his since it was a brand new 2012 HD. A couple guys looked at mine and then was pawing over his. On the up side I didn't have one person try to touch my bike, he kept having to tell people to keep hands off his.


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I've noticed the same scenario around here for the last few years. Get out in the sticks and all I meet are cruisers and an occasional Gold Wing. On the other hand, go around, or into, Springfield, and I see sport bikes everywhere. Completely opposite the normal theory, and the main reason why I seldom have anybody to ride with anymore. 95% of the sport bike riders around here are afraid to go around corners, they'd rather take their chances with the cars in straight line city traffic.

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Probably has to do with the economy. Sport bikes tend to be purchased by younger people with less disposable income.

At work I'm the only one on a sportbike. Probably close to 35 cruisers on a nice summer day in the parking lot. Seems to me that the closer you get to Charlotte the more sportbikes you'll see. When I make my runs to the mountains I'll pass HD roadblocks on the backroads. It's not until you get to the real twisty stuff that cruisers disappear and the sportbikes show up. I think the kids are more into the stunt thing and leave the mountain riding to the old men:laugh:
I live in the sticks and its prolly 70/30 in favor if cruisers, although I will say on local bike nights the sport bikes come out of the wood works and represent :thumbsup:
That's interesting. I live in the DC area and I'm on the road all day as I do residential HVAC service. I don't think it's an exaggeration to say its about 50/50 here in DC, Montgomery and PG counties in Maryland (both border the city). Although I think I tend to see more cruisers as I get further away from the city. Side note, Suzuki's are the predominant bike here in all sizes of sport bikes.


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Probably has to do with the economy. Sport bikes tend to be purchased by younger people with less disposable income.

i agree..i think the economy and the high prices of new bikes has to do with it...on top of that insurance too..
i remember when i bought my 06 gsxr1000 new the retail was around 10500.. now around 15k..:banghead:and the
younger crowds who rides these bikes can't afford the high insurance prices..
in my area zip codes ( houston,tx) i talked to few insurance companies and they told me one the biggest reasons that insurance is so high specially motorcycles are because of theft, accidents and other motor vehicle violations in my area...one of the worst places..
...we got millions of 'em.:laugh:

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