What everyone wants to do for their 36th b-day!


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Well, just got word from my closing and title agent that on Tuesday, my wifes 24th & my 36th B-day, I will receive an overnight FedEx with the closing papers for a house we're selling! It could be worse I know, but as it is, we'll have to wait around to get the package, then hit up the Notary Public for signing and then include a $2,4xx.xx cashiers check for closing costs, then FedEx it back overnighted so its there Wednesday for the closers appt. To top that off, my wife has her friend flying to Tucson (about 90min drive in a cage one way) to stay with us for a couple weeks, and she has a Dr. Appt. in the middle of the afternoon! Shoots. No time for a b-day ride!
On the lighter side, I was able to order more parts for the bike, and hopefully a few things we be here this week so I can have me a happy modding party in the "Arizona Room", which is actually an addition to the house, so yes the Busa is parked inside the house

p.s... I didnt know turning 36 was such a big deal, guess this makes up for not having any birthdays at home with my family in the past 16yrs of Army service.
Congrats and happy early b-day! Make sure to post pics.