What equipment do I need to start touring?


Alright Peeps, I've had the bike for a year now and I find myself getting irritated :banghead:that I am unprepared to do any real touring (Bash, meet-n-greet, etc.). I make mental notes on possible touring gear and mods, but since I've never been more than a couple of hours from home (on the bike) I need direction on what is definitely a must...what would be nice to have...and the name brand items to stick with.

For the record, I have a 2012 with Rostra cruise control and I'm planning to purchase a Ventura Pack setup. I also have the Joe Rocket Atomic 4.0 jacket (with liner...works well in the cold) and insulated cold-weather leather gloves.

Nothing is off limits...tools, gear, clothing...what else do I need? (I'll stay in motels/hotels)

Thanks, FALQN


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GPS is definitely a plus, find food, gas, places of interest, it just helps you find what you need. Tire repair kit, zip ties, etc. Rain gear, get what you want there, I am very happy with my frog toggs. Camera. Phone, not to be confused with camera. Get some boots you can wear all day or walk in if needed. You will want to stop and visit places you travel. Good on for the Ventura. If you will be traveling with other bikes, highly recommend a B2B com system.

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I have tire pressure sensors on my bike and while touring it's sure nice..


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This is how I tour... SwMotech rack, Shad topcase, Joe Rocket tank bag (sometimes I use my bigger Nelson Rigg bag), MOTORCYCLE SPECIFIC raingear is a must... I run a ZUMO 660 GPS and I use a Sena SMH10 for music/communication/cell phone.. Comfort mods are Corbin seat, Helibars, Throttlemeister, Buell pegs and I just upgraded the windshield to a MRA adjustable windscreen. :beerchug:


Yeah, I'd take Tim's lead on touring mods >> See The NEW Pashnit Busa
While a lot is personal preference mods there's several touring must haves like:
3BR Powersports and Powerlet power adapters,
Tire Pressure Monitor System,
Tire Repair Kit ...

A good rain suit never hurts.


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Ordered the luggage box from Ebay and another grab rail. Made the brackets to work with grab rail and done. Did 2 trips from Va to Robbinsville, NC with no issues!




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Falqn, ya already got the cruise control out of the way. Those can be lifesavers. We ship the Throttlemeisters daily.

Windscreens, bar changes, peg changes, and seat are all personal preference. Do what works best for you. I've got stock bars, stock seat height, stock peg height & perfectly happy.

Take a look at this, lots, and lots of ideas. Made a list of 100+ things I didn't like about the new busa, and changed them all:



For the 1000MileDay.com ride, only real changes I made was solo Corbin with an AirHawk & a Zero Gravity touring screen. Throttlemeisters of course. Ventura rack holds 1/2 gallon of spare gas. Longest leg without any gas station in sight was 256 miles.


For the 2013 ride, plan on riding to the Hoover Dam & back in one day.


Many, many mods later...


This year I've really gotten into lights. More lights on the front the better. I have 15 bikes following me around wherever I go so need to be seen. Got the Clearwater's on there, 3W mini-LED Lights, twin LED Halos , and twin Intake Halos. AND a headlight modulator.

Can you see me now?



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I'm planning to purchase a Ventura Pack setup.

Here's the link: http://pashnit.com/product/ventura/rack_pack.html#top

Ventura is well-loved it won't touch your paint and is a modular system.


You'll see a lot of us use the RKA Luggage saddlebags because you can travel with the hump and the straps easily fit underneath it. Arrive at hotel and you can easily pop off the bags and carry them in, or take them off for commuting & around town. RKA is 28 yrs in the biz and made locally.


todd moyer

I've bought enough to get us by for doing some touring / sport touring.

GPS, a good mount, and a water-proof case is a must for me ( I can get lost in a paperbag). Mine mounts right in the hole of the headstock and the wire os long enough to reach the plug back in the trunk.

Good luggage is a priority. There is a large selection and price range. I prefer hard bags and went with the Trax system. Also a decent tank bag is a very handy item at least for us!

I have a taller sport touring wind-screen which helps for the longer day and trips.

A good set of adjustable / folding levers for me too besides they are more durable than the factory ones. You never know when a tip over or a simple slide down the road can happen......

I haven't changed the bar height, seat hight, or rear-sets as so far it's been all right. I'm interested in trying a set of Heli Bars but it just hasn't been high enough on the priority list.

My wife and I both have a good set of rain gear. We tend to be fair weather riders but mother nature doesn't seem to care lol.

Then there's the odds & ends like a few tools, stuff to clean shields, extra gloves, flash-light, cell phone, some first-aid goodies. The list can go on and on. The little things are all up to you. You'll figure out with some trial and error what you need or like to have.

(minus the tank bag & adjustable levers)


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Take your cues from Bots he definitely has a great looking setup for cruising :whistle:
Awwww thanks! :D It's nothing special, just that I don't like the looks of the Ventura setup. I think a topcase looks "sportier" and doesn't kill the lines of the busa is all..

You guys are really makin' me want to get out there and ride now.. :down:


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my touring checklist:
* luggage (saddle, tail and tank). I use Nelson-Riggs
* GPS, radar detector, cell phone.
* tire patch kit and hand pump. warning triangle. fuses. bungee cords/duct tape. multitool. weapon. flashlight.
* rain gear (top/bottom, hands and feet). extra shirt, socks, underwear.
* camelback. power bars. pain meds.
* spare gas can
* flip-up/modular helmet. helmet liner.
* reflectorized vest/belt.
* dog tags with emergency contact numbers
* contact CCC in advance that I will be on travel (so card is not flagged/deactivated)
* copy of itinerary left with my wife with predetermined checkpoints (I phone in: she knows I am OK or worse, where I might be if crap hits the fan).


Get an Aerostich Roadcrafter (1 piece) and be done. You can wear lots of clothes under the suit if cold, or shorts and a t-shirt if warm. It really is made to handle road trips.


Guys, these are great ideas/suggestions/real tools for the road. Many of these would've never crossed my mind. I'm starting a list and will prioritize them all....

First thing is I need to work some overtime:banghead:

Keep'em coming guys, I'm all ears...Thanks!!!


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Backpack and bungie net to hold it on the rear seat, a coleman rain suit from walmart and prepare to hate life for the next 14hrs while riding to NY from TN in april while a storm front sits right on top of you, Enjoy!!

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