What does your local "LEO" ride.


Foghoon Leghoon
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We have both BMW's and Honda 1300's.
I know a local Honda Cop and he was drooling over my bike the other day and one of my coworkers told him I had her up to 140+ and my heart sank. So now I may have to let him ride it and get me a "get off a ticket" card for later.:laugh:
The Honda's have the ABS system and he said it is very nice and the bike is fast.
harleys here too and they suck. they over heat alot and the maintenance is a costly nightmare. but they still wont change to anything else. go figure.
our town just got 3 new beamers well they have had them for a few months now
the funny thing is they have already dropped them several times once they were stopped
they're feet got caught in the fairings and over they went

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