What do you use to get at you tire air stem?

Seems that the air stem is a ***** to get at because of the rim on every motorcycle I have ever owned, does anyone have a cure for this. A small flexable air nossle? All the air nossle's I have ever bought are too big. thanks
I use a standard air chuck. It's short and goes directly on the air hose . It's a little tough to get to but it'll work. The air guage I use is a campbell Hausfell digital that is also short and works really well. Got it at walmart. Hope this helps.


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I use the long RV filler with the double 45 degree end on it....I slip it through one of the rotor cut-outs and it works just fine. Either that, or get a short head on a quick-release hose connector. Works just fine also..... :super:

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