What do you use to get at you tire air stem?


Seems that the air stem is a ***** to get at because of the rim on every motorcycle I have ever owned, does anyone have a cure for this. A small flexable air nossle? All the air nossle's I have ever bought are too big. thanks


You can get 90 deg air stems at an auto parts store. You can also get flexible ones but they are too long but will work.


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I have the Ariete valve stems they're 90 degree angle. Google Ariete valve stems.


Besides taking out and replacing a stem, what do you use to add air! Really tight spot without scratching the rim!


I use a standard air chuck. It's short and goes directly on the air hose . It's a little tough to get to but it'll work. The air guage I use is a campbell Hausfell digital that is also short and works really well. Got it at walmart. Hope this helps.


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I use the long RV filler with the double 45 degree end on it....I slip it through one of the rotor cut-outs and it works just fine. Either that, or get a short head on a quick-release hose connector. Works just fine also..... :super:
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