What do you use for a motorcycle lift instead of Stands?


I know people use rear/front stands (like pit-bull) but what is a good way to lift the bike from underneath? I don't want a table lift I want to get a stand that likfts the bike from underneath like a car jack? is there anything like this? thanks


i have harness connected to my trusses throught the ceiling to wench the bike up from front or back, as far as i know, there is no belly jack for sportbikes due to the exhause running underneath


I use an A-frame ladder and a cable winch. Also use a ratchet strap across the bottom rungs to prevent kick out. Works great. Can do it with the front or back. It allows me to take off the wheels. Neccessity is the mother of invention.


How do you lift the rear without any weight on the swingarm? I am puting adjustable links on mine. Then extensions.


I put a 4X4 across the top of my garage in the rafters. Two eye-lets for ratchet straps or a come-a-long.


How do you lift the rear without any weight on the swingarm? I am puting adjustable links on mine. Then extensions.
I picked the rear up just enough to get the weight off and used a floor jack under the rear shock. You can move the jack up or down depending on which way you need to go. :thumbsup:

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both... hoist is great for 99% of the work on the bike.. the stands are needed for front wheel service and getting the bike off the ground at the track or at MnG's.. I use the rear stand on the hoist as well...

Just great not having to be all bent over all the time working on the bike, walk up and do your thing..


I've been using a custom anti-grav setup, but the reaction forces are difficult to control when trying to wrench on it. Still trying to work the bugs out of the system, but it sure looks better than Robot's rig. +5 to Dino!
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