What Did You Do To Your Busa, Today?

I've seen and particpated in this type of thread on other forums so just thought I'd give it a try here.

If you guys don't like the idea then feel free to ask the mods to delete it...But it gives you a chance to show off you daily work that sometimes goes unappreciated and may motivate others.

As for me, I replaced the chain and sprockets (+3 on rear) and adjusted the speedohealer accordingly on my busa. It was the first time I replaced a chain myself (usually have the shop do it) and frankly I was surprised how easy it was to break the old chain and rivet the new master link. The entire job took less than two hours. :bigsmile:


That's funny! I almost started this thread yesterday because it is one of my favorite threads on the 370Z forum I am on. :thumbsup:

Anyway, I drove her to work this morning on wet roads in anticipation of the 70 degree weather we are having now. I am leaving work early because I have an appointment with a client... at a park out in the country near the intercoastal waterway behind the twisties!!!
Put the tank down on my way out of the garage. A couple things should be delivered this afternoon, so may have a better update later this evening...


Went into the garage this morning and had to unpack my work stuff I had bungeed to the rear of the Busa because there is a rain filled front coming through and I dont like riding in heavy rain... :-(
Even worse is tomorrow looks bad too, but that could change..it's still early!


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I tried my hardest not to hit it when I pulled my truck in the garage, does that count? Stupid winter... :banghead:
made the decision of what color shes getting painted, the brakes lines and rotors im going with, the chain im going with, ordered my powder to powder coat the swingarm rearsets passenger pegs and some other stuff, looked into changing the color of my gauges, ordered the ceramic coating to coat my header and midpipes inside and out, and a bunch of other stuff....


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Got my wiring powered up!

So excited, worked all-nighter till 4am. :cheerleader::cheerleader:

Pretty jazzed when I got to flip the switch and didn't blow any fuses or see smoke. :laugh:

Half done with install on the Stebel Horn, and the Scottoiler eSystem for tonight's project.

Waiting on some custom parts from PMR Components, LED hump from Custom Cowls, & a custom LED seat from Ball Z Motorsports / New Image.





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