What denim riding pants

I've been looking at the Icon line of riding pants. Just wondering if any of you have tried any of these and whats the verdict??


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icon or draggin jeans (also have draggin cargo [for work] - had to order from australia)
all are good
Thanks for the replies, going to order me a set today. I always wear gear,(jacket, helmet, boots, but I've never had pants made specifically for riding. I always just were a good pair of jeans that I know would only help a little in the event of a mishap. My local bike shop had some womens sizes in stock and I bought my wife some Icon standards, she said she really liked the fit and feel, although we havent had the chance to ride with them yet.


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I have ICON recon jeans and draggin jeans... If you are tall and slim, ICON is awesome. If you are short - draggin jeans. Draggin jeans actually have more protection, but the recon jeans look better and withthe stretch panels are more comfortable....

Just my .02


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+1 for the Icon line. I have a pair of Recon now, but want to add some Strongarm and Anthem as well.


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Draggin jeans for me too. Love them! They are comfortable, cool and look like regular jeans. Don't know how they stand up in a spill I don't know and hope I don't find out.


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If you intend to ride over 60 mph, leather is the only option if you expect to stay out of intensive care. Plus, the knee cup in leathers may save your knee cap when you go down with your knee being driven into the pavement first?

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