What damper/stabilizer for 2018?


Been doing some internet searching and so far all I’ve come up with is the lower tree Öhlins damper.

The GPR says it’s good up to 16. Not sure what changed after that but it’s the one I’ve primarily been interested in for ease of adjustment.

Know Scott’s makes one too but I don’t think they have one for the 18 either or it hasn’t been tested on one.

Looking for you 17/18 owners to give me some advice. Price isn’t an issue.




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2008-2018 are the same, with the exception of abs added in 2013 and newer, and a few plastic plugs/wire connections.
All gen2 dampners will fit all gen2's 08-18


Such a wast of good mod money. 99% of steering dampers are set to tight masking steering head / bearing issues as bike ages or wear occurs. The OEM unit is more than satisfactory for nearly all applications.

Now if you just want BLING , and every one to see it then ditch oem and go top mount.


New / Heavier fluid in the stock damper has always been a good "upgrade" for me! I think I put 15w fork oil in mine.

Stock unit had some gross, watery fluid in there that was obviously not doing the job it was once intended to do. 15w gives good feel without being overly heavy. Again, just my $0.02


I actually did the factory oil upgrade on my last 750 and to be honest, it turned out well. Was easily able to take my hands off the bars without worry. I may just revisit that idea. The Busa really doesn’t require a damper anyway, but it gives you that extra warm fuzzy feeling just knowing it’s there suppose.

I just happen to have some fork oil lying around too. I’d call that idea a good savings!


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A steering dampner will change how the bars feel. They can calm head shake as well.
No dampner can or will prevent a tank slapper!
Just something to be aware of.
If you do low speed stunting, with hands off the bars, then it is nice to be able to turn a knob and keep the bars from turning.
Otherwise, too firm of an adjustment can get you in trouble.




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I guess dampers are optional at the professional level because there sure is some pros that find themselves in crazy and nasty death wobbles/ tank slappers. Hahaha! I never even give this part of my bike much thought. Maybe I need to research on the forum and get maintenance done on mine since it has been untouched since it was installed at the factory in 2009.
Check how many of the pro's who had tank slappers also had dampners...I'll bet it's 100%


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different applications... steering geometry and overall chassis setup also GREATLY affects
Sure it does...and a steering dampner still won't prevent a tank slapper.
Which was all I said to begin with.
I'm not the world's greatest rider and suspension guru either...but I know a little about suspension set-up.
Also, watch any Superbike, MotoGP, or Isle of Mann race where a rider had a tank slapper...and I'll bet you they had a dampner.
This isn't an "I'm right" arguement either, it's just the way it is.
Find a reliable, trusted source of info(not SSB), and read and ask away.
You will get the correct answer...that dampners don't prevent a tank slapper.
They simply slow the left/right motion of the bars. They prevent "headshake", which is a far cry from a true tank slapper.
With a dampner cranked up tight, the bars may not be able to make frame to frame contact, but that motion/force is still being transferred into the frame, and the rider will feel it, and be lucky to save it.
I know you belive nothing I say, and honestly, I'm perfectly fine with that.
But implying or stating that dampners prevent tank slap is a myth.
So, don't listen to me, but do your homework folks. And don't put too much faith in bolt-on wonders.
Do they help? Yes
Will they save you? No


If you had a situation that would cause a serious "tankslaper" and you had a "firm" dampner you would probably end up with a "pavement slapper" instead because the oscillating force would just transfer directly to the frame.
But then again try telling that to that guy with the 360 spinning Harley in the video we were all watching a few weeks ago ;<).

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