what can i honesty expect

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05 busa ive been puting together. It has a ported head, pair valves gone, airbox flapper gone, bmc air filter and it has 2 brothers slip ons only has 5k so its still pretty fresh. what should i use to tune it? ecu reflash or power commander? any body in chicagoland that can dyno tune my bike so it runs "right" not looking to squease every ounce of power but needs to be reliable so i have no worries. also i saw a kit on ebay that plugs one side of the header and comes with a tip and resonator for the other side i was really liking dunno if thats a upgrade or down grade but a full exhaust is out of the question money wise right now (not that im broke just dont wanna spend anymore on this bike) . im on a build budget and am kinda goin way over. any points in the right direction would be much appreciated.
I have an 06 and Ive done a lot to it over time and for my 2cents the most important thing is to get a good tuner. If you can find one then I would do the tune with the ecu instead of a power commander. It will work very well that way and save you the money on the pc. You can put that towards the tune. I had w brothers on mine at first and eventually sold them. The clamp kept breaking off. Its kinda cheap metal. Iridium plugs I think are a plus over stock as well.
Brother it would be a shame to tune a bike with all that work on the intake side with nothing on the exhaust side. Not sure you need a tune since you're not squeezing everything you can out of her. Now when you save your pennies and buy a good used full exhaust BROCKS, then I'd get her tuned.

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It would be a lot better to add a full exhaust before you dyno tune it.
Adding one later could cause a tuned bike to run worse, or at least not any better.
Blocking off one side of the stock dual header isn't going to improve things either.

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what numbers u think i can expect with my mods and full exhaust. i bought the head used on ebay and looks like the port job was done pretty good .
with a good tuner and full exhaust l bet close to 170 maybe. Im not really sure what head porting will do by itself. Im sure someone here will know. In all the work I have had done I realized that to me at least the most cost effective course for hp would be to get a brock intake cam. move the other to the exhaust side. adjustable cam sprockets. manual cam chain tensioner. and cut the base gasket out and put a thin gasket layer in its place. have a good tuner degree the cams and tune it. That I thiink would be the cheapest way to make the most hp out of stock... but there are others with way more expertise in this area than me.