What can i expect....


to pay for a 2000 busa?
how can i go about gettin one on monthly payments??

still in school now til october..of next year.
so it will have to wait until after then..unless by some phenomenom i can get it sooner.

i got quoted for insurance..its gona be about 5 grand a year. what is up with that? i have a perfect record, honor roll student, but im 18 now.
i saw another post about 600 for six months..can i somehow get this?? lol

i havn't owned a bike before. i've riden for a year though. my friends' bikes. the fastest of which would be a 2000 12R.
but most of my riding was on a 2000 6R.

you guys have no idea how long i've obsessed over gettin one.
ever since i saw it in the window of a suzuki dealership in lafayette indiana..i was hoooked..oh wait no i saw one parked behind a denny's diner at like 3 am..god i will never forget it!! i got out and almost sat on it..but for respect for the unknowing owner i didnt.
this was the first time i saw a busa...and ever since then any time i see one gets me even more excited that the 'some day' is getting closer..and closer......and closer

i'd apreciate any feed back..and if u have time check out my webpage for my nova. its www.geocities.com/the_hustler187

thanx cya guys
$7-8K for one in excellent shape.

Some deals can be found on Cycletrader.com as well, but the prices are generally higher than the current buyers market is willing to pay.

thanx for those picturse man
good lord i want the first one, the one thats not lowered too much. it looks cool too, just the first one is my deam.

how do u guys get ur insurance so cheap? how old are ya? not bein disrespectful by anymeans..just curious.
im 18, they want 6 grand/yr. :-( and thats the lowest i've found

its horrible. i know when i get a busa i wont be able to afford insurance if its that #### much
how so? where do u live? who through? what age?

why is mine so ungodly high???
this is all of course when i get it. i dont have it yet.
Get used to it man, the average age of a Hayabusa owner last year was 41.. The bike has been recognized as a HUGE and POWERFUL toy. The youngest guy that I know that has a BUSA is 31. Your insurance will go down in time, I hope that you get the BUSA but if you haven't had another street sport bike for a while you will have to suffer through the insurance woes. I've been there myself.

just thought I would pitch in my two cents. Im 22, just got my `busa two weeks ago and my insurance is 232 for six months. The diffenence in prices is the full coverage and just liablitly. If you get the bike from a dealer and pay less than nine grand for a bike, all you have to have is liablity, at least in the state of texas.

31 years old, full coverage, Pennsylvania. It is a little high, because it is 1300 cc's

thank you guys for your imput and ur situations.

and captain, i hope i get mine too..i know i will..i've dreamed too long too much not to get one.
I'm 25, no tickets or accidents and mine is $219 a year through Progressive. It was the same last year before I turned 25, though. Only my car insurance went down. Full coverage would have been around $1300, but I don't believe in paying that much for full coverage on a bike only worth $6K after depreciation, since I fix everything myself, watch where I park and don't ride like an insane maniac, anyway.

So, in other words, I'm paying $219 too much for a piece of paper that lets me get my registration and inspection stickers. Got to love bureaucracy.
I'm 31 in GA.  State Farm Insurance, full coverage, $168 for six months. Excellent driving record. Multi-line discount ( Home and 2 other vehicles insured). Deductables-500 collision and 200 comprehensive.
With all due respect 73nova355,I think you should look to building up some experience on other performance bikes before getting a busa, I'm not even gonna try and lecture you on bike riding but you do sound a tad young and inexperiencd to want a Busa.
I am 37 yrs, young with 2o yrs. riding exp. but still took some getting used to the pwer and speed of the Bus.

PS: if you have a £-$ converter, I pay app. £750 per annum (thats with two high speed tickets, 98.6 and 92.9 mph respectivly)

Advice mode : Get yourself a GSXR 600 or 750, there's lots going cheap co's of the GSXR1000, if you really really need to suss out what top speed is then get a ZZR1100 or a Blackbird first, just to aclimatise yourself first, because the Busa will take you to the 3'rd dimension.
PS: if you have a £-$ converter, I pay app. £750 per annum (thats with two high speed tickets, 98.6 and 92.9 mph respectivly)[/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>
Ouch. Only 1.4 mph from losing your license. I didn't know they were so 'accurate' over there. I'd rather move across the channel to Deutschland.

Speed ist yummy. Taste the power! Ja!
I'm 22 now and I pay $600 for 6 months full coverage. At that point I had a wreck and a sppeding ticket. I have State Farm. At 18, of course your going to get slammed by the insurance companies. I know I am! It's only natural to want the baddest bike on the planet, and I'm not one to tell anybody what to do, but you might want to hold off on this one till you can find a good insurance rate....
41 here in Houston.....giving up 100 a month to Farmers....one minor on record......gonna HAVE to call State Farm up and see what kind of a deal they are willing to cut ! Oh, Progressive had quoted 206 a month.... :argue:
andy i know what ur sayin. i mean it is the baddest bike..and will be my first.
but im already used to riding a 2000 ninja 6R pretty much and its startin to feel slow on me last year when i was riding. (it was my friends)

so in my eyes..why not start out with the best? even if i do have to wait another year or 2 to get it.

but i value ur opinion..thanx for sharing!

that goes for everyonet hat has too
I'm in Houston too. $580 every 6 months for full coverage through State Farm. They definitely have the best rates down here. Some places wanted as much as $5000 a year and I'm 29 with a perfect driving record! Ridiculous. I'd never ride with only liability. If I eat it and waste my bike, I want to go pick up another one asap.
I have a 2000 Hayabusa and a 2000 Bandit 1200S (Bandit is my wife's)  anyway Both cycles have full coverage year round for $660.00   I have State Farm insurance and if they cover your house and cars they give you a great price for the cycles.  My first year with the busa I paid $1200. for the year with a different company. Look into it because some insurance companys are a little nuts when it comes to the busa.