what are you listening to or watching right now


I'm somewhere but dont know where
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I just fired up a random mix from the maze of mp3s on the computer to hear Locked out of Heaven - Bruno Mars. No clue what will fire up next but got me thinking what is everyone else doing for audio/visual entertainment. Been a rather craptastic day with the weather news and long week (and yeah its just monday! :banghead:) so I could use some ideas on what to schedule into the playlist as I finish off the work day.:beerchug:
"Music soothes the savage beast." It really does. Science has shown music to be one of the best things for the stresses in life.

When I'm a little stressed I usually go for female vocals,when I'm pumped and blasting down the hi-way on my rolling stereo (harley bagger) I usually have some old metal cranked up.

I had to buy new 'puter speakers today,old ones krapped out,but I cant crank them,the House Mouse has gone to bed.(not feeling well,poor thing).

Unfortunately Zuk I cant offer you any good MP3's....I'm still stuck in the 80's.:laugh:

Actually,when people ask my musical preference I usually say "Everything from Beethoven to Black Sabbath." It's a mood dependant thing.

Crank it up Bro...

I have more mp3s than I could possibly listen to :laugh: so there's too much selection. I agree with the mood part, I'm sorta in the "I want to go to bed but need to get this crap done" phase of the program. I have actually just fired up a 80s play list with some favs, Styx, GnR, JCM, ACDC, Ozzy, etc. I probably have every 80s song that ever played on a radio station to boot so if you find yourself in need of somethin let me know :cool:

Thanks for the suggestion though,