What am i going to pay for the first service

First service should not run you over $100..00 all it is is oil filter adjust clutch, chain and brakes if needed.
cool i have never had a brand new bike before. they have all been oldies.what are the usual intervals of service? sorry if my ?'s are easily found elsewhere im just in a lazy mood.
Just do it yourself. Mail-order the filter. You'll enjoy not getting screwed by dealer prices and having more problems going out than going in.

I wouldn't let any dealer touch my bike even if they paid me.
i think i will do that any recomendations where to get the filter and what about the clutch adjustment?
No clutch adjustment.

I usually order several OEM filters at once ($9 each) at Sunrise - 800.992.0127. Haven't ordered anything in a few months so I don't know if they still honor the old discounts. You can also get K&N oil filters for about the same price which some people have been using.

Other than that, just check for chain slack, throttle cable slack and make sure all your bolts are tight.

Look here for the service manual which will answer all of your questions and more: