What a rush!!


The Watcher
First time out with some miles using the new mods. I think we went about 300-400 miles. The day started at about noon, and it got up to about 61 degrees and sunny. This bike just hauls with the extar torque. It really is hard to hang on when you slam it down. It came up easy before now it just comes up because it wants to. Well once the sun went down it hit 40 and it was cold. dave Owensa at Extreme performance knows his stuff. He has the Busa running very smooth and still like a rocket to the moon.
Glad to see your able to ride and enjoying the new boost...Should have my bike back by the weekend...I look forward to the new small mods...Can't wait... :D
That is what is great about living in Fl... CHilly down here means 75 f. That natives start breaking out their parkas at 70. :D :tounge: :cool:

Thank god I'm not a native!

Glad ya got some riding in NE before the season truly doees come to an end. :thumbsup:
NE you got some gonads to ride in that cold of weather!

and to manage all the HP & TQ!
DP oops!

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