what 1300 is this


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Can anyone tell me what the heck this is??
I was thinking maybe the next gen Busa.
Anyone have any info on this picture??
If this is the next one, I'm putting my order in.
Bodywork is pretty cool hey.

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If I had to guess I would say it was a Photo-Shop 1300. I dunno, somthin there just isn't right, Fairling upper looks disproportionate, Front signals in the mirrors look straight off a Blackbird...I could be wrong though
swingarm, rearset,front fender says gsx1000r 2003 plaCEMENT of the slider in the engine bolt hole is gixxer1K o3 model
<span style='color:darkblue'>It looks old to me. I don't know that much about Hayabusas, but how long have they been around? Suzuki hasn't referred to the SRAD on their bikes in quite some time, have they?</span>
Its fake, I would recognize the Honda style anywhere, the entire front fairing is honda. since where does suzuki put signals in the mirrors anyway?
It is a concept shot done before the original release, sometime in 1997/1998. I believe this is from Tatsumi Mook's Hayabusa book.
Regardless of the critics, I fell in love with the busa's looks as soon as i saw it. True love at first sight. Man i wouldn't trade the busa's UNIQUE look and styling for anything in the world....well maybe two busas