Went to the suzuki shop today....


been a long time since i've sat on a busa and i had the day off and was comin home so i figured i'd make a stop by the suzuki shop to see my baby

they still have the blue and sliver 2001 i've been wanting since the very first day they had it

its in an add in the paper for 9500 from them.
i asked them about monthly payments they said 205/mo with 0 down.

for 5 years

he was all wantin to get papers out and stuff, and i was like dude chill out im still in my dreaming stages. im still supporting my ass through technical school (im gona be an auto technician) and workin a full time job on the side just to get by...
he wouldnt take that for an answer and kept hounding me

he made me leave earlier than i wanted to, i had planned to have a nice visit with her....just me and her and the smooth curvy tank i stroked when sittin on her

but then he came along


oh well he's tryin to do his job but i made it clear i cant afford it at this time right now

205/mo is that high though?

i wanna try to get a loan through a bank and get a 2000 blue/silver used one when the time comes..cuz hell they are already like 8500-8000 right now, let alone how much they'll fall down a lil bit by the time im ready to buy

oh well i got all excited today from havin this beautiful machine of a bike between my legs and my friend thought i was nuts
New busas are going for 9999 so if it's still available mid-summer, he'll be more motivated to sell.
Tax, license, dealer prep ... blah blah blah can easily add an extra $1000 + There are a lot of Busa's available at CycleTrader.com many adds say " too much bike for me "... or " baby on the way must sell " ... and so forth. I found my 2000 Busa at a dealer in Florida last year with only 600 miles on it and they delivered all the way to Hawaii for $9500 no tax ... The local dealer wanted about $12,000 OTD and they didnt have the red I wanted.
Anyway there is something to said for slightly used. Also check the interest rate that dealer is charging. And you can also find some good rates online like www.Lendingtree.com
Dont overburden yourself w/ debt but also dont get stuck with coulda-shoulda-woulda! Aloha - KMC
I paid 9500---10001 out the door tax tag and title. And don't forget the bike is only the beginning you still gotta have insurance, riding gear, and whatever you gonna invest in it to personalize it.... Set a budget and stick to it, you 'll enjoy the ride a lot more knowing you are having to work overtime to pay for it to sit in the garage
You should be able to get him a bit lower on an '01. I paid $9299 ($8999 plus 300 set-up & freight), and that was still LATE last fall (day after Thanksgiving, I remember it well!). Tax and license bites, but I guess its part of the deal. I like what the other guy said about outfitting yourself and the bike - I've got close to a grand into that as well, but boy is it BAADDDDD!!! I'm paying $209/month for 4 1/2 years.

I just priced a 02 Busa at$10,800.00 If anyone knows where to get a deal on a busa (New) please let me know where and how much
I paid $9600 they were asking $9999. Supposedly my dealer sells the most Hayabusas than any other in the country! Oh well, they did me right!

Paid 10400 tax,registration plates and so called "dealer set up" for a 2002 4 weeks ago,
1 year full coverage insurance...$500
custom corbin seats.......$570
Ride of a lifetime........Priceless!!!

I paid $8500 for my 2000 with 2000 miles on it back in August 01. The guy was getting out of motorcycling and gave it to the dealer on concinement.

It's super clean and had a really nice tail mod already done to it by the previous owner. Otherwise its was totally stock like off of the factory floor.
You guys are very lucky and maybe don't know. Here in Brazil one new busa costs R$46,500 (something like US$ 20,200), and then come other things like insurance, taxes, a Yoshi, etc.

The interest rate here for a new busa can be as high as 3% PER MONTH.

I've just paid US$ 3,500 to exchange my "old" 00 for a new 02.

Even with this little problems, there are more than 70 busas only in my city (2 million of pop.). So, friends, enjoy and have fun with these conditions you have there !
i put 3400 down and i pay 289 or 298 one of the 2 a month for 3 years at 7% and im 21 so u can probably find a better deal than me
thanx for all ur guys' feed back and experiences that u have payin for one

now i get a better clue as to what to look for
I got mine in late oct 02 and I paid 8900 out the door with the extended warranty. My payments are 190$ a month. I pay extra though so I can get it paid off early.
Look around for a used one. I got my 02 with 800 miles on it for $7,400. Bike is perfect, not a scratch on the big dog.