Went to a demo day today!


I road the Busa down to a demo/charity event in Picton, Ontario called the Ride to Remember. The event raises money for Camp Trillium which is set up to help kids with cancer. Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, BMW and HD all had demo bikes out for riders to try on group rides. Unfortunately by the time I got down there, around 250 km for home, most of the rides were booked up and the only one I was interested in was the B-King which had an opening at the end of the day but that was too late for me. I was actually hoping that some of the manufacturers might have brought their supermoto bikes as that is what I really wanted to ride but no luck. Buell/HD put on a great stunt show....much better in person than on Superbikes....

Six hours in the Busa saddle counts as my longest day yet on this trusty steed....I can tell you, I have ridden a lot of bikes in my time but this is truly the most fun I have ever had on a bike! The power and acceleration is addictive and I don't recall ever having a bike that has drawn so many compliments, turned so many heads and received so many thumbs up. Also my first time on two counts....first time using ear plugs....very surreal and kind of detached feeling, like watching tv with the sound really low....I can see how it reduces fatigue for extended high speed highway miles but I really like going au natural otherwise. The other first was being on a bike on a ferry. Strange how you bike moves around as the ferry pitches with the waves. At first I thought someone was behind me with their hands on the Busa but then I figured it out and watched as all the other bikes pitched from side to side in unison. Weird but cool. On my way back home I passed by 2000 or so road cyclists as this was also the tour day that I usually do every year but have missed it two years in a row now. It wasn't too bad watching these riders suffering after their 178 km day in the saddle (to do the same tomorrow on the ride home) and I felt blessed that it was only my arse that was a bit square and not my legs begging for mercy as it usually is on this day every other year!

All in all a banner day on the road.:thumbsup: