Went looking at motorcycles today


While at the bike shop ordering my tires. the owner is an old friend of mine and we sat and chatted for a half hour or so...he said they had a new African Twin which he will be riding next season and invited me to go have a detailed look at it...

It was well....ho hum at best....sharp angled, dirt bike seat and was nothing real special in general to me anyway...

He is a huge fan of the Hayabusa and used to sell them when they had the Suzuki dealership, they also had the Kawasaki dealership and sold the ZX14R-he told me how much he hated working on those as they were so labor intensive to do maintenance.


I want a Grom. But my god they are expensive for such a little bike
Gotta find you one on letgo or craigslist, I seen a few over the winter around 1500. Or you can find u one of the Chinese knock offs for around 1000 sometimes. They can be fun but when we get a group to ride together and the grom crew shows up I usually go do my own ride as riding at 50mph max isn't to much fun fir me on the busa. But those guys will ride wheelies fir the whole trip :laugh:
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