Went flying and lucked out!

Was traveling in a turn lane to take a right when a car was about at 11 oclock in the lane next to me. She decided to pull into my lane and slow down due to an ambulance that was still out of sound range for me at the moment. Not to mention I was concentrating more on wondering if that car was gonna wanna get over. Just as I thought it was clear and continue with my current speed, it veers over. Go figure. I ended clipping her front bumper and went flying for about 25+ft. Most depressing part was as I was flying through the air I looked down and saw my bike directly below me. Just tumbling and pieces falling and flying off her.:down:

I was able to tuck and roll off my left shoulder to absorb, redistribute, and disapate most of the momentum to lessen the injuries. All I ended up with was some road rash on my left shoulder and down lfet arm. I hit my calf on something, not sure what, but its about twice the size as my other one. I landed in the area where it transitions from gravel to grass luckily. Didn't hit my head at all. Hoping I didn't tear anything in my shoulder. Doc said if it still feels the same way after 4-5 days to come back in and get it checked out. Needless to say, I LUCKED THE "F" OUT!

Cop measured out from where the impact happened, where I started flying, to where my bike is now was roughly 17ft. When I hit the car, i'm certain that I was still on the blacktop. He didn't measure how far I flew, but he said if he had to guess it was over 25ft easy. Due to seeing how far away the wooden post is that I apparently flew by and barely missed and knowing that I didn't land on straight gravel.

Other thing is that the ambulance driver that was behind us gave the same statement as I. Indicating that she was at fault and I was well in the lane before she pulled in and I really didn't have any chance to avoid the accident.




Yea, I'm guessing when she looked to pull over she didn't see the silhouette of a car and didn't think twice about it. I understand where she was/or where she might be coming from. People just need to make sure they are looking and conciously looking for ALL vehicles.


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Glad you are alright, worried about that leg brother. If you have any chest pains go immediately to the hospital.


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Sorry to hear brother, I almost got hit by a lady trying to escape an ambulance today too.

Heal up fast and make sure her insurance does right by you!!


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I am sorry about the accident, but glad you are ok. I makes me ill to see a picture of a Busa like that.
Glad your okay.... Were you wearing a helmet? By the look if the pic I'd say you weren't. Like DO3 says... Do not think twice about going to the hospital if you have troubles breathing. You can get a blood clot in the calf that breaks loose and ends up stuck in your lungs. Ask me how I know! Make sure you get up and walk. When you walk your body naturally produces a chemical to prevent blood clots. That is why hospitals get you up walking as soon as the next day after surgery. Heal fast brother!


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bike can be replaced not you. from the looks of the photos it was a nasty spill. glad your alright and posting up to give some of us like myself a reality check.


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Glad you're OK. I took a similar flight in January and landed on my left shoulder as well... Still in pain and physical therapy to get AC joint and rotator cuff healthy. Go easy on those injuries and pamper them for a while. I think I assumed I was OK too fast and reinjured myself by trying too much too soon.


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was the superman theme running thru your head? j/k glad your ok, hopefully you can get the bike repaired and back to riding again..

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