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I was passing some cars when all of a sudden a women tried to make a quick left with no signal. Luckily I was going slow when I hit her door scratched both fairing and front mask. Thank god nothing happen to me just hurt my left foot but nothing broken. I am going to get a full paint job spoke with Juan, biker divas boyfriend. He does some awesome work. Will post pics next month.
Man , Cagers!!! Good to know you made it without getting hurt really bad. I hope its her insurance thats paying for everything . One pulled out in front of me the other day and there was a cop right behind me . Luckily my spider senses were tingling and I started braking when I saw him because to him I was invisible . I just knew the cop would do something ..BUT he acted like he didn't give a d*mn and kept right on going . He must have been on his way to Krispy Kreme Dougnuts which was like a few blocks away . When they get Doughnut vision there could be a fire , a shootout , an accident and terrorist pushing a wheellbarrel with boxes in it labeled TNT on the same street corner and they wouldn't see anything but Doughnuts.

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