went down

I have been riding since I was 12 and for the first time I went down last-night. I was making a turn at low speed and I got into some gravel and the bike got out from underneath me. I had been trying to get the most of my rear tire and it is kind of slick and that was an important factor in me hitting the ground. I always wear helmet and gloves and normally a jacket but its hot as hell in Houston this time of year so I chose my icon field armour and that saved my back and my right arm and left hand wasn't so lucky I screwed my hand up im in so much pain in hand and my arm has road rash not that bad but enough where I'm uncomfortable I will post pics later. The bike got some light damage on the right side nothing that can't be fixed but I'm going to get the new tire and summer jacket today screw that I learned my lesson. Im blessed thats all that happen could've been worst. The big guy(GOD) was watching out for me and took care of me.


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:thumbsup: your ok...i rode 22 years accident free then had 2 in one summer, flipped a 954 over backwards and was rear ended by another bike...
Taking a spill sucks! Good to hear that you're not too banged up.

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yeah I went to get the new tire and have my hand xrayed and ordered the new rightside fairing should get it in bout a week i should be up and riding within the next 10 days. I would like to get some gear for summer weather i like the Icon field armor but I heard the leg and arm pads slowly ride down anyone have them and what do you recommend


hi,i my self have been riding for 30 yrs plus, had a unmarked popo pull out in front of me , i was going 25 mph , not speeding . he pulled out from a parking lot in frontof the coak delivery trailer truck , bike is busted an 02 with 32,000 good well taken car of now its trash . the part that sucks he said it was his fault but the police report said different . which i could damage his body and property. any feeling ? scott
so how long have you been riding? you started at 12, are you 18? :laugh:

sorry about the get off. and yeah gear is good. i wear a BMW venting machine jacket. heat is no excuse.........skin is expensive.......so is my jacket.

check out Motohouston.com Forums for the local scene.
Great to hear of people that've been riding for ages and never had a major accident. Its just goes out to show that biking can be safe with the proper gear and discipline. Sorry to hear of your going down. Get well soon

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