Went down one in the front! WTF!


Ok I read for a few years folks say "gearing will change your bike" All I can say is I only went down 1 tooth on the front sprocket and it is a game changer! I realize I give up some top end but I can say I didnt spend much time there any way! Now I have a silly question how much will my speedometer be off by loosing a tooth. Any close guess would be appreciated.


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if i remember correctly, stock gearing runs approximately 6-8% indicated above actual speed...loosing a tooth is going to add about another 5.5-5.9 (depending on if you have a Gen 1 or 2) so i would make a rough guess between 12-14% off


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on a gen 1 down 1 in front you are off roughly 7 mph low end 10 higher up.


I'm going the other way and went down 2 in the rear. Since I also use a 55 tire I'm hoping that it's pretty much right on.
I'm Doing the ECU flash so I'm hoping that I will not notice any negative difference from going down 2 in the rear. Time will tell.


Redbusa pretty sure the 55 would lose even more tq as well as going down 2 in rear.


Redbusa pretty sure the 55 would lose even more tq as well as going down 2 in rear.
I'm not worried about torque as I'm not looking to do wheelies.
Looking to correct the speedo some without getting a speedohealer.
Lower RPM's might allow me to ride at 55-60 in 5th if I wanted to and I would pick up a little
torque vs running in 6th at those speeds. MPG should pick up a touch too, although
that was not the main reason for going down 2 in the rear - just a side benefit for me.

I know that many people go up in the rear to "wake" the bike up.
I hope to do a little more touring with it. After all, it is classed as a Sport Touring bike vs a full blown Sport Bike. :whistle:


Yea I hear ya. Im -1;-1. Reason being incase I ever get to do a LSR I can just swap back the 18 front and have a chance at 200.

Tony Nitrous

I've messed with gearing and changed tyre profiles.

I normaly use a Sat-Nav in a tank bag map pocket to do a few runs at set speeds to check mine,
sometime backed up with the tracking ap on my phone to double check.
Sat-Nav doesn't need wiring up as the internal battery lasts long enough to give a comparison.

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