Well you really missed it!


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There was wine & song, naked lap dancers & we each won the NY state lottery. . . well allmost.

Anyway we had fun but there was just, Capt. Ninja Eater & Hawaiibusa. We will be passing ideas & jokes back & forth next weds all are welcome. - Aloha





Yeah, I ended up doing yard work until about 9 and then ran to the store for food.  By the time I got back it was 10, I sat down and realized crap!  I missed it.  Had fun the last time.

I'll be there next weds for sure!


Unfortunatly I run in a Nascar3 on-line racing league on Wednesday night and it is not over until about 11pm est. Wish I could have been there.


Well...umm the g-friend had other ideas for me. She made dinner for a change to how could I of passed it up.

Maybe next week.

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