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Anybody remembers me here?
Sorry I've been away from the Org for so long.
Been somewhat busy. (Building a house in Thailand) No big deal
Picked Up a new toy the other day. Took a bus for 10 hours down to Rayong and rode it back when it thru what I can only describe as Thailand's version of the Cheroholo Skyway. — at Khao Yai National Park.
Anyways, catch up with you guys soon.
miss Y'all actually
Boaz AKA Noodles (which I don't really care for);/

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Good to hear from you! Sounds like you're doing well...

Ya know, a bunch of folks might have forgot about that whole "noodles" deal if you hadn't brought it up again... jus' sayin'...
what's up, bro? good to see you on here and not just on Facebook :beerchug:

btw, i hadn't forgotten the "Noodles incident", seeing MCM laugh that hard was one of the funniest things i've ever seen in North Carolina :thumbsup:


Good to see you online sir... Didn't know you even moved.
Great to hear from you. Look Noodles, you earn the name given to you by your org brothers, and you should be proud of it. squirrel master would not have been my first choice for my name, but you know what, the name was given to me and I'm proud to be known evermore as the squirrel master, and will do my best to represent all squirrel masters the world over, to the best of my abilities.:laugh: Anyway, glad to here from you and that your doing well Boaz, I mean noodles.:thumbsup:
It's about to snow in Florida :laugh: I think the last time we interacted was on myspace ....... I actually think about you now and again and I'm glad you're still with the living.

P.S. Ms. Reba hasn't forgotten you :poke:
awesome to re-connect with you all on here. Just been a bit busy and didn't have any sit time in so long. I still have a storage unit in Kansas with all my stuff and the 2007 Dino sitting on stands under a big blanket collecting dust. It was too expensive to ship to the places I've been. Which is too bad. I had an awesome job for almost 2 years in Israel for the Missile Defense Agency on a remote American base....and there was some cool roads down there. There is some pretty awesome roads here too, would put the Tail of the Dragon to shame.
It nice to read up from you guys and bring back good memories with those pics. I still think that first M&G I had the pleasure to make it to with Hals help (I think back in 07) was the best thing ever. I share those pictures with pretty much everyone I come across who shares this hobby.
So, not much has happened since I moved here.. just got married on my birthday (my idea, less dates to remember) and had a baby boy about a week ago.
I am working on becoming an english in one of the small villages here. That should help with my visa expenses as well.
on a down note, the busa I bought here is an 07 and runs great.
and...a couple of days ago while I went out for the gas station, a kid on a scooter pulled right in front of me. I could not avoid him to the right because of on coming traffic and hitting him would have killed him for sure. I locking the rear tire and swerved to the left shoulder and hit the back end of him. I got some road rash and hurt my back but healing. The bike ended up in grassy ditch. The police tested the kid, he was drinking , had no license and papers for the scooter. I have all that, but because I'm white the police said it's my fault. So, I paid a $20 fine to get them out of the picture. The way it works here, the individuals work it out. So, he knew he was wrong and I was gonna take him to court. We just made a contract where he will pay me half of the repairs.
Anyways, I'm just pricing the front part now such as ,stay fairing, nose, headlight, dash cluster and blinker which is what it needs to get going again.

I promise to stay more active on here from now on.
See ya guys

When you come for the stuff in Kansas, you'll have to drop down into Oklahoma and pay a visit!
Congrats on the marriage and the newborn, hope you heal up quick and best of luck on rebuilding the bike. :thumbsup: I didn't want to say but you were in Israel working the last time we caught up. Glad to see you brother.