Well im taking

the Michigan State Police Advanced Riders Course this weekend. Ill give ya updates when I get back. Supposed to be intense like riding down stairs and locking the brake up at 60 on wet ground. The class says be prepared to go down (I hope not). The cool thing is that I get to use there bikes but im on a Harley haha.


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cool i would do that. any info on the course.and location. i`m in dearborn mi. thanks for the help.
dang dude you're a cop? I wish I would have known that before I did those 100+mph wheelies in front of you! Good luck with the test. I totally respect m/c officers.
No im not a cop im a Fireman. There offering it to the public. The class is actually at Woodstock Harley Davidson. No problem 954 if I remember we were both clocking about 140 when we hit Route 6 and opened them up LOL. I waived u off because the car coming towards us I thought was the law thats why I stopped and then hit it again.
Well first class was last night all classroom. Today we start the slow course so we will be learing maxumum braking/clutching-rear braking-throttle a 90 degree turn at slow speed without putting a foot down. Lock to lock 90 degree turns this one will be cool again with out putting foot down. By lock to lock I meen handle bars turned locked all the way in either direction. We will also learn an emergency getaway from the fully locked position. Its funny these Michigan guys think are MSF courses are a joke. We will also be doing fully brake lock up on gravel and the on black top first with only rear brake and then both. No we are not locking the front but we will learn what the maximum effort is on the front and if u do lock it hang on. Ill keep everyone posted. Speeds in slow are from 30 to 45. The final one is a 40 mph with in 60 feet u have to stop and make a 90 degree turn again no fooot down. This one is going to be tuff as 60 ft aint sh#$ when u r doing 40.
Man were do I start. This class has left me speachles. What I can tell u is take the course. Its put on by Woodstock Harley Davidson but its the Michigan Stats Police Course they teach u. Its like a boot camp but they are that way so u dont get killed on the street. We rode from Friday to Monday class was Thursday. Its one of the most intense things I have ever done on a bike. We put only about 25 miles on our bikes but rode for 4 straight days doing high and low speed techniques. These 25 miles did more for me then 7 years of riding no joke. I would love to explain it all but I would have 4 pages of info. Basically the way 99% of us ride we are doing it wrong and they can prove it with statistics and crash recreations. If u havent takin this course then u cant have the proper info as they are the only class that is like this. Not putting anyone down I clearly had no clue myself and I have ridden for 7 years,Drag raced bikes and im now doing Track days. I know ive said it but if u are thinking about it do yourself a favor and TAKE THIS COURSE it will save your life IMO.


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MSF has a great expert course. I wouldnt call it boot camp, but you use your own bike and try the slow courses.

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