Well im picking up

my new GSXR750 today ill let you guys know what my first impressions are. Everything ive read on them has been nothing but good. My next Track Day is in October cant wait!
Were you able to keep the busa or did you have to get rid of it? I've installed a Yosh TRC 1/2 system and a HB undertail on the new 750 and can give them my approval.
Still have not sure for how long though. If I do get rid of it ill have another thats for sure its just that things as allways are tight and having both bikes is tough. I will get pics. I went with a 2006 red its a awesome color. I was shocked when I first saw it it looks great. I can say the bike doesnt have the low end grunt of a Busa DAAA but talk about a great handling bike with plenty of power oh my this is a bad boy. Its amazing what happens when u lose 140 lbs off the bike. I feel like I can go anywhere at any time it handles that well. I havent pushed it past 8000 yet as im trying to break her in with 500 miles first. It should be a awesome track bike. If I keep the Busa or not I will allways stay on here because this is without a doubt the best site.
hey do any of u guys know if these bikes have fuel gauges. My cluster is digital and I can see my fuel light were it is but I dont see a gauge and my owners manual says nothing about a gauge just the low fuel light.


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Hmmm...dunno. Maybe you have to shake the bike and listen???


J/K...I actually have no idea and am just being a smart-arse. Sorry
This bike in general kicks ass. If u just look were u want to go the bike is there in a blink of a eye. Its so quik due to its low weight. I feel like a junkie on speed so quik and nimble I love this bike. The Busa will allways have a place in my heart though. he shift light is great as is the gear selector.

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