well i ordered a few things.....


i just ordered a smoked windscreen,shorty levers,handle bar riser it, fender eliminator kit and tech spec side grips and center tank pad.

now it all just needs to get here!


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Word to the wise. You may or may not know this. After installing the risers, lock the bars to the left and see if the brake handle contacts the inner panels. Mine would operate the front brake, which can cause a Busa to go to the garage floor and said Busa owner to cry out loud causing even greater embarrassment.

This isn't an issue, just something to be aware of.


thanks for the advice dadofthree!

i looked at that before i ordered them. i was wondering if that could be an issue


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thanks for the advice dadofthree!

i looked at that before i ordered them. i was wondering if that could be an issue
I had 1.5" risers on my gen2 and now have .75" risers with heli-bars. I also have shorty levers. I've never had any clearance issues.
Alot of the gen2 black plastic side trim panles never want to fit exactly right, especially after they've been unbolted once. Sometimes it's just enough where levers will slightly touch depending on where you move the perch on the bars.
Even though I don't have any issues, there is no extra room.

Also, be warned...this is just the start of spending a fortune on your bike!:laugh::beerchug:


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thanks for the advice dadofthree!

i looked at that before i ordered them. i was wondering if that could be an issue
It's not an issue, just something for you to be aware of. No one rides these bikes in a locked position, but it's just something you need to look for. :thumbsup:
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