Well, I bought a new helmet


I was not familiar with Ebay's new option 'BEST OFFER' even though Im an Ebay maniac with even mobile ebay on my phone so I can search, bid, and buy etc. So I made and offer this morning and ended up winning the best offer lol sucks oh well here it is, tell me what you think.

New 2006 Icon Mainframe Manic Motorcycle Helmet, Adult XLARGE
The Icon Mainframe helmet was designed with the rider's safety, fit and function in mind. The Mainframe helmet features a venturi super-vent system for the ultimate in airflow. A three position forehead switch acts as an additional ram-air vent to significantly increase the overall cooling of the helmet. The shell is constructed of a Dyneema/Fiberglass composite and is lined with a dual-density styrene liner for incredible strength without undue weight. Also incorporated into the design are removable/washable cheek pads, removable anti-fog breath deflector, and the industry's easiest no-tool quick change shield. Meets all DOT and Snell standards.

--Gloss finished
--Super-vent venturi cooling system
--Secondary ram-air forehead vent
--Internal on/off chin exhaust switch offers control of escaping air
--Side exhaust port works in conjunction with internal chin exhaust to release old air
--Removable molded breath deflector reduces shield fogging
--Positive-lock chin venting system helps prevent fogging
--Removable cheek pads with formed ear pockets that can accept communication or audio speakers
--Optically correct Polycarbonate, 7-position shield offers safe, clear vision and easy no-tool replacement system


I've heard Icon helmets are really quiet. I've been looking for a new helmet and tried an Icon on. It sits a lot lower on your head.(actually down past your chin.) It seemed quiet in the store, but I've never rode with one on. The guy that was showing it to me said that he wears the same helmet. It's nice because if you have a chatter box system or some other communication device, you can remove the ear pieces.


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I have an earlier mainframe halo. The fit is nice, and they are quiet. The airflow isn't great though, but overall I like it.


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Im not a big fan of icon helmets... but that graphics sure do look good mate


thanks guys yes I got it for cheap. 185$ TMD I had a 25$ certificate for paypal so badass price. Not sure if I keep it yet. I was looking for ICON HALO helmets but this stood out to me. Im just tired of HJC helmets 3 of 3 I have have problems. Lost 2 windscreens off this helmet and almost lost my chrome screen. so thats what got me looking for other brand helmets

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I wear a Mainframe rubatone, and so far among all my helmets, it has been my favorite. (I have in my closet: 2 Shoei RF 700s, I sold an HJC AC-11 Zeek, prviously owned an Arai and a Suomy....) Oh, and that helmet looks great.