Well, I believe I'm done for the season...


Motorboatin' Moonpies, Gangnam Style
Went out for bike night last night to the local hangout and it's just proving way too painful for my hip anymore. In fact, I didn't even feel safe on the bike last night. There is no way I could get my right leg down in a panic situation fast enough for my comfort..

My surgery is scheduled for Dec 26th and that's the soonest I can do it based on vacation time, family schedule, etc. It's just not worth aggravating it anymore than it already is. So I guess I'll hang up the leathers until next Spring.

It's breaks my pride and depresses the hell outta me, but I feel it needs to be done. So here she sits.... :down:


Man that sucks I'm sorry I know how you feel I just had knee surgery to take all the metal out after my wreck 2 years ago then yesterday I hit a damn 4x4 and got road rash and damage to the bike :/ so no more riding for me for a bit 2
Sorry bud but you've got to do what's safe for you and the family. Little man should be the 1st think you think of when making a decision.
Sorry to hear man, but you'll be back in the spring better!
I'll PM my addy if you want someone to love her this fall and winter :laugh:

Best of luck with the surgery.
Hate to hear Steve, Get healed up Quick, I'll see ya in April for the Spring Bash. :thumbsup:
Sorry to hear, Bots - probably all the riding around in a Samurai that's affecting you now.
On a Lighter Note: I KNEW Vabs had something to do with Bots Bad Hip.. :laugh:
sad to hear brother hope all gose well with the surgery ttry to take comfort in knowing that u will be able to ride again some day.oh and is thata leftside gen 1 fairing hanging up on the wall