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Hey folks,
It's been a busy day at the Org HQ. I met with Doug Ray from SpencerCycle.com this morning and we worked out a deal to bring him on as an advertiser. Doug has been around the bike community for years and I'm glad to see him come on with us. Every time I talk to a prospective advertiser I ask them why the want to come to Hayabusa.org and why they are a good fit. Doug told me that he has been around the Busa community for years and they had good things to offer. Believe it or not we turn down about 9 out of 10 companies that want to advertise here because we want good experiences for the members and we want the advertisers to make some money too. SpencerCycle.com has been involved in racing and promoting the sport for many years... I asked Doug to send me a small blurb about his business and what he would say to each of you if he could... Here is what he had to say.....

About Us

* Our shipping department uses UPS and the United States Postal Service to ensure your packages are delivered in a timely and accurate manner.
* We are Authorized Distributors for Parts Unlimited, Tucker Rocky, Motorcycle Stuff, Muzzys, Yoshimura, and the list goes on and on. We have it all and access to it!
* Our commitment to customer service means that we will work for your business.
* Unlike many mail order businesses/E-businesses, we have firsthand experience and knowledge with the products we sell. Technical support is always available.
* SpencerCycle Center is not a fly-by-night 'dot com' company.
* We have 10 years experience in the mail order business, and have been online since 1998.
* We have trained employees ready to serve you!
* We have one of the top fabrication shops in the USA, ranging from extended swingarms to frame modification.
* We support the sport that supports us and our customers. We race and build some of the fastest race and streetbikes in the USA.


* SpencerCycle began business in 1991 from a home based garage and expanded into the current facility in 1995. Over the years, SpencerCycle has grown tremendously, but the original foundation still exists - a love for motorcycle racing and a desire for high quality service/high performance work and to consistently offer high quality products, competitive prices and superior customer service.
* Today, all operations have been centralized in facility located at 1213 South Salisbury Ave. in Spencer, North Carolina and located between Charlotte and Greensboro North Carolina. SpencerCycle Center is a modern facility and one of North Carolina's largest performance shops specializing in fabrication, high performance modifications, parts sales and not to mention a complete Dynojet 250 Load Control Dynometer Tuning Center.
* SpencerCycle Center has a solid reputation of excellent customer service. Our business was built on and continues to expand upon a sound "service-to-the-customer" philosophy. Our staff is trained to be up to date on the latest trends in our industry and our customers never have to talk to a sales/service rep that doesn't know what is going on in the industry.
* With over $250,000 of inventory of performance/accessory parts as well as some OEM parts, as well as thousands of different motorsport performance and accessory items, are stocked for your convenience. Our order fill rate is a outstanding 98.7%! When you want to best parts at the best prices, SpencerCycle Center is the place to go. You'll find a complete line of performance parts, including the area's largest selection performance parts. From aftermarket exhaust systems, billet aluminum accessories to performance work, extended swingarms to dyno tuning... we have it all at SpencerCycle Center.

Future Goal

* Raise our goal of supporting the sport that supports us which is a important issue at SpencerCycle Center. That's why we sponsor and support many racers and our annual race events.
* To continue to provide our award winning customer service to the highest quality.
* SpencerCycle Center is dedicated to providing the consumer with the best quality parts and best technology available and dedicated to bringing these parts to market and making these parts available to the consumer.
* Raise the bar and standards that all other performance shops and mail order business are judged by.

I think that you can see that they have a history, they are here for the present and they have a goal for the future....

If you need to contact Doug you can send a pm to the following forum screen name: spencercycles.com

Please welcome them to the site. We will be adding their banners all over and expect great things to come... With a name like Doug how could you go wrong?

Welcome Doug...

Doug aka captain
Owner Hayabusa.oRg


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Thank you all very much. My company is proud to be a advertiser and we look to be a valuable part of the community here.

I also would like to thank Captain for his time and allowing SpencerCycle.com to be apart of the membership here.

everyone have a great weekend!

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