Welcome New Member "NILESEOD"

Nileseod, :welcome: to your new Band of Brothers! Thank you for serving our great Country and defending the Freedoms that I enjoy daily! Enjoy your life's adventure with your new Busa! :thumbsup:
Well, Greg may be on the shy side... I don't know! So, here is a pic of the Busa and proud owner. We went out today for a couple of little rides and even had some fresh Sushi and it was great. Hope to ride again soon. :thumbsup:

Greg Niles 2009 Silver Grey Busa 001.jpg

Greg Niles 2009 Silver Grey Busa 010.jpg

Greg Niles 2009 Silver Grey Busa 009.jpg
Thank you all for the warm welcome. Skywalker has told me what a wonderful group you are. I look forward to getting to know you all and asking a slew of noob questions.
Thank you Skywalker for posting the pictures. Had a great time on the ride today. I think putting over 120 miles on the bike in a day and a half is not too bad. I love this bike. Makes me wonder what I was doing on a cruiser all this time.

I look forward to many more rides. I think Bishop's Castle needs to be in our future.