Welcome from minneapolis, mn.

Hank - it almost looks like you're over by Stillwater somewhere (St. Croix in the background), or is it the Mississippi somewhere else? Know any good mechanics there? I live out in Western MN, but am not happy with any service yet (know a few I think I should avoid in the Twin Cities). Any info. would help.


I know the owner of Larson Cycles, I will ask about mechanics. The water in my pic is Square Lake, some really good roads out there. It's in the Stillwater area.
I'd appreciate hearing what you find out. I've been to Larson's more than once (place tends to be a zoo on Sat., though, so getting to talk with someone is kinda tough) - almost bought my 'Busa there, but got a substantially better deal in Hudson on an '01. Funny note, though - while shopping that day, and at Larson's - they had a 'Busa next to a CBR1100XX (which I had been itching to buy for quite a while previous). After seeing them side by side at Larson's, it was no contest!!! (Like Puhleeze, get rid of that plain Jane Honda thing!).