Weird take off issue

Past month or two when taking off from a standstill, sometimes when i start releasing the clutch the whole bike will start 'jumping'. basically it feels like the clutch is engaging/disengaging at a really fast pace, causing like a studdering feeling when taking off. It doesnt always do it but if i sit in the driveway and keep feathering out the clutch lever it happens about 1/5 times. Very sketchy when it happens taking off around a corner.

Am considering posting a video because its hard to describe the issue.

I did have a cracked rear hub/sprocket holder that i replaced earlier this year, cush drives and wheel bearings were new

2000 Hayabusa
Just replaced chain and sprockets...didnt fix it

Any help? :p


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The inner basket is holding the steel plates!
If you launch the bike hard, the steel plate will wear grooves into the basket. Thus causing the clutch chatter that your feeling!
The problem can be resolved by removing the inner basket, and lightly filling, or use of emory cloth will remove the ridges that have wore in!

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a little reading can do wonders... after you pull this stuff apart, you will see where the inner and outer clutch pack rides... they are supposed to be smooth, not stepped..

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