weird problem I do not know what else to do


hello everyone I have a problem in the hands of and surrounded think I'm strange mechanics of Portugal have a hayabusa 2000 has 32000 km and the condition of the engine and the new bike this new impeccably at all levels of a few months to think in ca meter in progress started by buying a motorcycle exhaust line akrapovic full titanium gpack then bought a power comander and finally what is happening and that the bike is not this worse than walking home so I do this to 10000 rpm in sixth mark 320 on display but gps it with 293 does not cut sourcehelp me liked me to understand or solve this problem or I suggest a different configuration


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Welcome to the oRg. The speedometer is off by around 7%, you will need a speedohealer to read accurate speed as indicated.

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I had a conversation with him on the forum messenger. His issue is that he has a 2000 busa with full exhaust, PCIIIr and had it tuned. He is not able to exceed 293Kph (182mph). He feels he should be able to go faster with these mods. He is looking for recommendations to achieve that goal. I don't speak Portuguese and I think he is using a translator to English so communication isn't the best. I think he is running stock gearing as well. One thing he mentioned was that he couldn't exceed 10,000 RPM in 6th. I think (but am not sure) that the limiter is 10,500.

That's all I know...I don't know what other conditions such as the rider's weight, elevation, etc. 182mph may be all he can get. Again, he's looking for recommendations.

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