Weird ECU error riding today . A/B/C modes appear first time in 3 years


I do not have A/B/C modes since the ECU flash over three years ago . No changes to bike recently in electronics other than ABS delete . So riding along , and look down to see a big A . WTF these have not appeared on my gauges in over 3 years as mentioned . Ok so hit the mode buttons , and sure enough scroll a,b,c . Perform it many times.
Thought to myself did I lose the flash some how ? I have no where to ride faster than 186 in the forest . No you didn't lose flash as no FI for O2 sensor being removed , and the throttle plates are not making the airbox howl when rolling into the throttle like it did stock .
Well next let me test the modes to see if they work . I skip B all together , and just used A / C for testing . 60 mph true speed in 6th gear . Roll wide open throttle in A bike pulls great , and quickly . Go to C same speed , and result was slower with no snap . Performed this test many times to make sure with same results .
Get to destination of the day turn bike off , and it sits for hours . Go to leave , and no modes any more . Just like its been for 3 years . Press buttons anyway with no change .
Get home , and cycle bike Over , and over with no modes ever appearing .
I was corrected a few years ago after telling a member you lose modes with a ECU flash . Apparently some members with flashed ECU's have their modes still present / working . Personally I don't want them , but would like to know why mine are off last 3 years then appear for 1 ride , and go away .
I have no power commander or piggy back fuel devices .


I was doing a little digging here and I was on the ECUEditor site (here)

I have seen similar scenarios as what you experienced in the electronics world. I wont sit here and tell you I am well versed in the ECU editing world, just trying to help a friend....anyways, in the Telecom and Data world I used to install CCTV, PBX, Alarms etc, there was always a fail safe in the ROM. When the modules load they look to the ROM for their parameters. If for whatever reason one of the parameters does not load then the EEPROM or whatever chip is used has a default value.

If you look below, (Not sure what was used by your programmer to do your ECU) it indicates that in order to lock A, there is an identifier that triggers the locking of A. Maybe whatever indicates to your ECU to "lock A" didn't happen to verify on the key cycle and this value was not applied, leaving you with the mode selector working.

This also indicates that even though you hadn't seen the A,B,C Modes the MSO and MS1 maps for the "b/c" modes are still in there which was why when you could select they did actually function.

"Can I tune my ABC maps...

Basically yes with current version, but we are moving towards loosing the BC maps and use DSM1 and DSM2 buttons for something more useful. Particularly with turbos and nitrous even thinking BC is ill adviced.

When thinking from dyno operator perspective the BC maps are just additional complexity and very few of the operators will even consider tuning BC maps.

In one of the future releases there will be "lock A permanently on" button or other method to keep A locked in. Already in current version 2.2 when the nitrous map is activated the A map is locked on permanently. The same will apply with one of the coming boostfuel modules.

With map A there is still MS0 and MS1 maps.

Currently one of the DSM buttons is reserved for nitrous control - there may be other uses for other button in near future."

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