Weight of Rider considerations


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I am taking delivery of my new Black/Grey 03 busa in a few weeks. I have had lots of large fast bikes before and have had no problems handling them.....(all the kickboxing!)

My question is, I weigh about 168 pounds....will I have problems keeping front wheel on the ground?

Keeping the front end down will be no problem. However, if you want the front to come up, run her up to about 5 grand, let off of the throttle, then snap the throttle. Do not open the throttle all the way, or she will come back over on you, no mattter what you weigh.

Your wieght will make it easier to come up, but under normal riding and even some agressive riding, she should stay down.

With your weight through, I would watch my second gear shifts. If your are really on the throttle, she could "hook up" and lift a bit. But you can catch that pretty quick.

Now, if you change the stock gearing, (current is 17F 40R), to say -1 F or +2 R, she will really lift easy. And throttle control is even more important.

Hope this helps.

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Regardless of body weight (I weigh 217), I have found it easiest to wheelie in 1st or 2nd by rolling up to speed, shutting the throttle down quickly, then opening it up. You'll stand it up, trust me! As for launching a wheelie by popping the clutch, you're more apt to spin the back tire doing that, depending on the road surface you are on and your ability to control a launch off the line (so to speak). Don't worry about the bike doing a wheelie on you without you trying to. This bike is very controlable. My .02.
Thanks gentleman......just thought the light rider weight would make this bike even more of a monster..Can't wait to get on the thing.

I rode a Kaw KZ 1000 for a few years and a Norton 750 commando for a long time. Both were very fast for there time, but this busa monster is light years away from the bikes I've ridden....trying to get an idea of how powerful this puppy is. I have a feeling it will be better than sex!
Don't sweat the power with your weight. I weight 160 if I'm soaking wet and controlling the Busa's power hasn't been a problem. She's a kitten unless you let her loose to roar.
So basically, quick Roll-off-Roll-ons in first or second gear are the key? I am at about 8 feet above Sea level here in Tampa so I imagine a Busa should be making plenty of power. I just cannot get over the idea that this bike has more HP than the majority or cars on the road and torque enough to match many small cars. I wouldn't imagine rider weight will figure in much, at least not like on a 600.