webroot spy ware checker


webroot spy ware checker

WTF, downloaded this program and ran it to check for spy ware. It would find the file c:\winnt\system32\msvcirt.dll and claim it was spy ware (it’s purpose was to track me on the Internet). I would quarantine it and then open my browser again, and then run the spy checker program and this file would again come up as spy-ware? Finally I renamed the file and it would still come up as spy-ware? The last thing I did was locate msvcirt.dll on the Internet, download it and extract it to the correct location and BINGO - no problems.
Hank you been running freeware? Never seen this file extension used before as spyware. Thanks for the heads up.

It's a dll file used by the Windows operating system. Some how a different infected file must have been downloaded off the Internet? When I reinstalled the original file the problem was corrected. I am not the only person that uses this computer so I have no idea who's surfing what - not being one of theses IT guy's you know. I posted this problem on a different board and got a response were to get free spy protection -  Ad-aware. After installing the Ad-aware program and running it on my home computer a spy program was found there also! That really surprised me, cause I use Norton Firewall and Anti-virus - figured I was covered. Guess one sign of spy ware on your computer is if you receive a lot of Spam E-mail, especially if it's addressed in your name. They are tracking your every move and you don't have a clue!
Hey Hank, I have used that program before works really good. Simple interface and detects most of the spyware programs out there. But I still suggest installing the zonealarm program as a backup.
Hey guys, I have been getting tons of unwanted mail... I downloaded adware and it checked a bunch of files but how do I know what to delete? I dont want to blow away files I need. I'm not too sharp with stuff, a little help plz.

Thanx - Kent

Delete em all that it finds, if it screws up I guess your stuck on an Island with that one.
If you are looking for the Ultimate disk protector/ cleaner try Evidence Eraser.
So Hank, Adware only finds the spy files ... but doesnt block them? and what will evidence eraser do?
Eliminate all the Recycle Bins.
• Eliminate all junk files.
• Eliminate the App Log.
• Eliminate TEMP.
• Eliminate Recent Documents history - both on disk and in the Registry.
• Eliminate the Run MRU.
• Eliminate the Find MRUs.
• Eliminate the typed URLs.
• Eliminate Temporary Internet Files - including index files, cache and history.
• Eliminate History - including index.dat.
• Eliminate Cookies (Selective cookie keeping for versions 5 and above).
• Eliminate the Media Player History.
• Eliminate Netscape Navigator temporary typed URLs, files, cache and history.
• Eliminate NC cookies (Selective cookie keeping for versions 4 and above).
• Eliminate Netscape Mail hidden files.
• Eliminate system Registry backups.