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ok guys, now that I have made a video, taken the time to edit my self (which I could have prob. done better but Ill work on that) and even harassed Cap about how to post it on the board.

My next question is where and how much is it gona coast me to have a place on the web that is all mine. A place that I can use anyway I want too. Like a mail box with my name on it, a video vault, and a place to keep my pics so I can post them up on the web.

Anybody got any ideas about where I can do this? And where I can get some body to give me a hand on how to do it.

Any help will be put to good use like always.

call your local internet service provider for that. for probly around $25/mo they will host a website for you... usually about 10 to 50mb in size depending on them.

Captain has offered to let you use his space for movies. I can give you the upload info if you don't already have it. All movies must be checked before being posted online to prevent unacceptable material from being posted.
There's a bunch of them out there. I use imhosted.com. For $10 bucks a month, I get all the e-mail accounts I can setup, a domain, 350MB of space, and a lot of download bandwidth (20GB). There's a small setup fee, but they are pretty good.
They provide a ton of programming options PHP, MySQL, yadda yadda yadda.

There's a web based utility for setting everything up, or you can do the command-line thing. For getting started you can use FrontPage (I'm gonna get flamed for this), or a number of HTML utilities.

It's a buyer's market out there, do a search for "web hosting", and you'll get a ton of hits.

Let me know if you need help.
jester try

is like 10 bucks and you get like 300 meg of web space and mutiple email accounts ...is based out of houston but has dallas numbers and what not ...