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Hey gang, I am helping my cousin start up his Metal work business. He has done alot of decorative fence and gate welding and wants to take a step up in promoting it.

Web design can run into the big $$$ but recently I see some very afordable basic options out there. I guess alot webpage builders are lookin for work like the rest of us... or maybe they just farm it out to india or something.

Any ideas on where to go to get a site up and running for a couple hundred $? I have already reserved the domain through GoDaddy but I will not use them for building it.

I would love to have a flash template like this just change the photos ... Website template #24854 by Astra

Thank you - Kent


I am all that is BACON!
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if you want to use a template and edit it to his specs. thats easy and i could probably get you done up right.


Hayabusa Immortal
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Send me a pm and let me know what it would take to get it done. All work and hosting fee's ...

I can get the high rez photo's of what we want.



I am all that is BACON!
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well hell you might just end up with a completely free site lol.

Mr Bogus

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$65 for a template is about the average.. it will come with 2 templates actually.. (flash/non-flash) so keep in mind that both need modified if you are going to give an option.. Most now days just do the flash site and save the non-flash to a folder where it sits unused.. They usually have pretty good instructions on how to modify the template yourself .. (just got to take the time to read the tutorials) :)
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