Weather Where You Are

Weather here is just ridiculous. Had to Shovel out my Driveway for the 3rd time in a week last night and then it snowed another 2" overnight. We have right around a foot total now. And now it is turning to slush!

Working remote for the last 2 days and hating it!
Snow here as well...Another 3 inches on top of this past sundays 4 inches. Cold and windy as hell too.
It's rain here, but lots of it. Ground is saturated. We hovered right around freezing most of the day yesterday, and it rained all day long. Warmed up about 10 degrees last night though. Never really know which way it's gonna go here this time of year.
With all the snow on the ground if it warmed up and rained here you might need to catch a ride on the Ark with Noah. I better get to work my group is missing everyone but me today.
It's about to turn ugly here for the next couple of days with high winds and over a foot of snow expected......yay! Thank goodness for snow blowers.
4 " of rain here today
( so far , more on the way tonight and tomorrow )
and 5 " in Elsinore , most I have seen in one day

in the 25 years I have been out here .
Sure am glad we rode out to bike night the other day ~ mudslide season has arrived for us here in California *

We really only have those two seasons ~ mudslides with our rain & wildfire dry season *

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