Weather extremes


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On my way to work thismorming it was 36 degrees, on my way home it will prolly be around 85-90 degrees. Does anybody else hat having big extremes??
I'm in Chicago, the home of weather extremes. Yesterday it was 80 and tomarrow will be in the 50's. My commute to work around now is 40's in the morning and 70's by the evening. Sucks having to dress for the weather in the morning and having to tote all that crap back home in the evening.


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Chicago here! It can be 80 today, snow tomorrow, and be 70 the next day. Why do you think our roads fall apart so fast.


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Central Texas.

Not yet, but as we get closer to winter we will see a morning temp around 70 than can drop after a Blue Northern to 14 with wind chill.

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