We have done it before,but so what,we love 'em


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First one is Ripley. Named after Sigurney Weaver's character in Alien/Aliens. Strong,a little vicious,and super good lookin. Her grandfather was a north american pulling champion.

Second pic is Kodiac,an Alaskan Malamute/Wolf cross. Super cool dog. My wife was always worried,didnt understand. He's a northern dog.Part wolf. She said build him a dog house. I did. Kodiac chewed it up the first day.:D Then she ran in one day exclaiming that Kodiac must have jumped the fence. I go out into the frozen tundra...(Canadian backyard) I scan the property...all flat covered in snow,except for one big lump..yup you got it, I whistle for him,he pops his head outa the snow,and looks at me like...what the fug...I was sleeping.:devil:

Let sleeping dogs lye.



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That's me boy , just turned 7 years yesterday . I bought and cooked him a half kilo rump steak to celebrate .He is a Staffie , Australian , mix of English and American , he is 34kg .
He had just had a huge crap , that pic is at a park in the city of Adelaide , we was dropping a mate off . That crazy bastard is me best mate !!
Very cool lookin dog. Nice BD treat. He looks lean and fit and happy.:thumbsup:


Berlin Germany

A friend‘s rescue dog, found on the side of a road here in the mountains. Took him to a vet who rigged the wheelchair for him. He can really haul azz with those rear wheels! :cool: View attachment 1609046
lame in the rear :( but by wheels again movable :D :thumbsup:
yeas ! - this shows all possible love to dogs

to rubber and all others at the country side:
jealousy is a bit coming up !
cause i really like dogs.
but here inside town without any big green or forrest to let em free runnig i feel it would be a kind of animal cruelty.
so i neither won't get a dog nor another animal.

all day long and for its whole life inside a flat / appartement :banghead: - a 100% no go for me.


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Berlin Germany...I like what you said. I find your screen name very interesting. You must be proud.


Berlin Germany

yes a bit to be allowed to live in this very nice town - it is a bit smaller melting pot as like as new york

and my sreen name i choosed because frank, my 1st name, i thought, would be in here for dozens of times.
okay - if i now could i perhaps would change it into "frank from berlin, germany".


Oddly enough, I haven't had a dog since I was a kid...once I joined the army and constantly deployed, I just didn't have time for one.

Now that I'm retired, the thought of carrying around a bag full of dog crap doesn't do it for me. If I ever got one, I'd want a Shepard of some sort I think.

We had a really good cat for 18yrs...she was an excellent cat. She always knew when the wife was coming home from work and would be up in the window waiting for her.

Almost all my neighbours and both kids have dogs so I get my fix through them and never have to clean dog crap...works great for me. One of the seniors I take care of has a Shitzu/terrier mix and it can sure run, I usually play with it for a couple hours a day...she says it sleeps really good after I go home.
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