Waxing on why we own one

I have two. The 2000, which I bought new. The last of the unlimiteds and the first of the Gen 2, the orange one. Just picked it up last year, so, 13 year love affair with the first. Still my baby. As much as I wanted the copper/silver 99, I'm very happy with my 2000 black and grey.
And acquiring an 08 last year: luxury, decadence. Joy. Pretty nice.
Every time I dare look at some other machine, interesting. Nah, never quite does it. Not there. Lifetime love affair. There is no better bike.
From my new 76 GS750 to a 82 1100Kat, to the 86 GSXR750 and the 2000 Bus. Sublime bikes.... always Suzukis. That's it. That's why we ride them.
Will buy a Gen 3 if there is one.

Busa ownership is very much like trying to explain to a mere car driver why we ride bikes....if someone doesn't get it, no words can explain it...
I don't even get it... I see NSRs, Sweet Ducatis, I love the S1000RR, but I don't think I could own another bike without riding a Busa most of the time. I just saw a beautiful new R1 with tore up track tires on it at the dealership. I was feeling the R1s tires dreaming about taking it around a track, I look up and see a Candy red Gen2 Busa tucked back in the shop a little and I just smile.
My Busa just fits me. Ive ridden so many bikes and own several still but the Busa is the only one I ever want to ride. I guess theres a reason they have been around for 14 years.
it is like that on motorcycle usa girls the bloke adam wahead siad it: the busa is still one of the best(undersatement) but is the only bike that make you feel like an bad ass:bowdown: thanks Suzuki for our beloved bike the king HAYABUSA

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