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A while back I read an article in Motorcycle Mag about Crystal Glo, I thought yhea right. I oprdered some, and I got to tell you, it is the best product by far that I have used. Both the acrylic shine (not a wax and helmet visor shine work great. I thought I would share the info., I am sure that some of you already use the product.


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Hey ninja e, where did ya order the stuff from? I use Blue coral " Autofom " best thing I've found so far dust, bug guts, and rain just fly off of it. I use it on Bike plastics and tank, helmet and shield and cars. Of course they say lasts for months...years ... yeah right! about 2 weeks or so and I use it again a little goes a long way. On may Cars and trucks about every 3 months if I feel ambitious.


I personally have been using Crystal Glo for two seasons. I have tried everything else and IMO there is nothing better.
My buddies are also using it with nothing but accolades for this product.
I have had a hard time finding it at motorcycle shops and I live in Canada (where the product is made).

As for just how good it works...

A Harley riding bud of mine had the recent experience of having a pissed off 11 y/o kid spray pop all over his new bike. He had used the Cystal Glo and the pop just washed off. It should be noted that the pipes were still hot when this occurred and the pop baked on to the pipes. All is well now except for the kids ass.

i am sold on this product.

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