waving at others

aahhh Confucius say" Man who not wave back is same as a dog that not shake with its back leg!!"
I heard that if an HD rioer waves at a sportbke the warrabty will be voided. Not sure how true this is, but it does make sense.
I wave at every biker and most reciprocate, including the Harley guys. The Motard guys NEVER wave. Oh well.
Most waved today.But not all including 2 on sport bikes,I guess they was too cool being they had no shirt and helmet

Cool thing was I had a husband and wife on HD dressers[HIS AND HER BIKE]ask me if I wanted to go around them at a light.I just looked at him funny,then his wife said,no go ahead go in front of us.The last time that happened I was on my cruiser waving the sport bikes in front of me.
(shortcut @ Sep. 01 2007,19:40) funny thing- when i ride my harley i wave. since i bought the busa
i find at times i really need to concentrate and keep my hands on the
Me too. If I'm not working the clutch or going too fast, I'll wave.

When I used to chug along on a Sportster, I was probably going slow enough to wave with both hands
I wait till the wave starts with them now. Although I catch myself waving first at times. I kinda wish now we could be like cars and not wave at all. Maybe the middle finger will work for non waving bikers LOL.
It's a conciderable difference in the amount of waves both offered first, or answered at upon my gesture between riding the RoadStar and riding the Busa. When the Busa's out, unless it's another sportbike, I get no respect.........The Star looks like a Harley, so they all wave and probably go Duhhhhh when they pass and realize it's not.

I wave to everyone, Harley, Sportbike, Vespa, scooter kid in the road..........They all get a wave.
When I rented the Harley at OBX, I was SURE to wave to every bike I passed.. even scooters!

We got alot of waves from multiple bikes at the Ephrata ride last wk- Kenny and I were talking about just getting a mannequin arm and strapping it to the handlebars.
I wave depending on how I am riding... Usually I just lift two fingers off the bar and nod.
I have noticed around Saint Louis, The amount of people that wave back depends on where I am at. If I am over near Jefferson County where there are alot of Harleys and seems to be a little lower income area, They do not wave. In Saint Charles, a higher income area, everyone waves. In Illinois near Alton which is a big 2 wheel area, almost everone waves. I was up riding last weekend near Rantoul Illinois and everyone waves there. Alot of squids were screwing with us trying to race us and a few harley guys did not waive. He blamed it on the Busa
. Said that does not happen when he rides around on his 1100 GSXR.
(BUSAFETT @ Sep. 07 2007,10:51) ..........ride last wk- Kenny and I were talking about just getting a mannequin arm and strapping it to the handlebars.
That would be GREAT!


Oh - make sure the mannequin arm has gear!
I always wave. but when i rode for my very first time ever i was always wondering why do people wave. i would be going down the road and someone would wave to me, then i caught on
I never wave at anyone, mainley because I don't wave at anyone when im driving my truck or the car and the bike is my third vehicle.... Never understood the " WAVE" thing
Harley riders will wreck if they take a hand off the bar.