Water getting past ignition coils


Hello everyone i have a 2002 turbocharged hayabusa with 11000 miles. When it rains or when i was my bike i have water that gets past ignition ignition coils and it sounds like a vtwin and runs very rough. It is under the house and i take care not to get alot of water in that area when washing as much as possible. I have removed the coils and i can see the water on coil 1 2 and 3. It feels tight when i put them on and i cannot see any debris that would cause it to not seal properly. I was told its a rcc style intake? Sorta small and doesnt cover uP the coils at all. Not sure if i should try to put orings, some kinda shield or some type of sealant. Would hate to have to buy new coils to fix. Thanks everyone
Trying using some delectra grease when putting the wires back on and then use some rtv silicone on the outter of the boots to seal em.
Even get a balloon and zip tie the end to the wire.